Friday, April 3, 2009

We want photos of our Troops voting!

Originally published: January 2008

If You’re Voting, Help Me.

I want a photo of you sitting on your tank, holding an absentee ballot that you’re about to drop off at the APO. OK, it doesn’t have to be a tank. I just want a few photos of service members holding some voting materials.

Count US In needs the photos. Count US In is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to getting more military personnel to participate in the voting process. This organization was started by a group of retirees, and we want your photos to use in a publicity campaign to get more of the military to vote.

Here’s the problem: Not many military personnel vote. Some don’t vote because they don’t have faith in the absentee voting system. They don’t think their votes will make it to the right place, or they don’t think their votes get counted. Some don’t vote because they don’t know the candidates. Some get lost in the absentee voting system. Some can’t make time.

What a crock. We need your help to get these troopers off their asses and get them involved in the voting process.

So, we’ll show some photos of military voters, and use the publicity to motivate others to vote. We’re also working to get some election supervisors to ceremonially register a military absentee ballot to officially open the vote count in their districts.

Why is this so important to Count US In?
Simply put, our country needs to hear military voices. You speak your minds through your ballots. Your opinions are important to Count US In, and to our country. Of course, military personnel who don’t vote are saying something too. They’re saying they don’t give a damn. We all know that’s not the case, so please help us get the rest of the force to vote.

DB Johnson
USA (Ret)

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