Friday, April 3, 2009

Angelina Jolie determines troop surge is working!

Originally published: March, 2008

I’ve got some good news to pass on to you. If you haven’t heard this already, I’m sure it will give you a boost.

FLASH – Angelina Jolie has determined that The Surge is Working.

Yes, my brothers and sisters, your work is finally validated.

Of course, you would suppose that Ms. Jolie came to that decision after spending a lot of time with our troopers in Iraq – while they engaged the local leadership; trained and supported the Iraqi military and police; developed relationships with small businesses and in communities; and through the force of their message, trustworthiness, and conviction, have gotten the Iraqi population to close the door on the insurgents.

Well, that’s not the case, as far as this observer can tell. Actually, from her statements, it seems that she came to her evaluation through assessing that humanitarian organizations and NGOs were now more able to perform their work in Iraq. Well yes, I agree. The fact that these important organizations can now function is important, and symptomatic of marked improvement in Iraq.

I’m sure you’re as happy as I am, that the seemingly endless labors of the US brotherhood of arms has finally passed the “Hollywood” acid test. Forget the fact that American service members are providing the same heavy lifting so humanitarian organizations can do their good works in dozens of countries, on four continents every day. What more important validation could you possibly have, than that of someone who’s on the cover of every magazine at the grocery store checkout, and stars in the Tomb Raider movies? Well, the truth is, that Ms. Jolie is a real “get out and get dirty” humanitarian activist. What she says carries tremendous weight with that grocery store magazine crowd, and probably runs contrary to the views of the magazine publishing crowd.

I know you don’t need to be told the surge is working. I know you’ve been surging for better than three years. I know the most important humanitarian organization in Iraq has been plugging away there without recognition for years. I know this humanitarian organization has been doing the heavy lifting every day, and is directly responsible for creating the current environment without which, none of the other organizations could function. I know that organization is the US military as personified by every single service member who has been there.

Yes, the most important and effective Humanitarian Organization in Iraq – is YOU – the individual members of the United States Armed Forces. And not one of you needs the validation of anyone but the man or woman next to you, and the people you protect back home.

But thanks just the same, AJ.
Your heart’s in the right place.

Carry On.

Don Johnson, LTC USA (Ret), writes voting related commentary for Count US In whenever something in the political process motivates him to pull his fourth-point-of-contact up off his Barc-a-Lounger. You can find other examples of his commentary at in the “Listen Up” section. Count US In also has a blog, and you can take Don to task there, if you wish.

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