Friday, April 3, 2009

No Dog in this fight?

Originally published: April 15th, 2008

I was listening to a buddy talk about the primaries this last week. He’s a reservist here in Ft Lauderdale and was a Giuliani supporter. But, by the time the primaries got around to Florida, he’d switched to some other guy who dropped out too. Now he’s got to decide whether to vote for McCain or whoever wins the fight on the other side. His top two guys didn’t make it, so he said to me, “I’ve really got no dog in this fight.”

So, there I was flying somewhere – Middle seat, knee caps pressed firmly into the seat ahead, some five year old soccer player kicking the back of mine, and of course, the mom traveling with her squirmy/screamy one year old beside me (“Sir. I hope you don’t mind if I change Junior’s diaper right here. It’s so unsanitary in the restroom. Don’t you think?”).

Thinking about the upcoming presidential race was actually an improvement. At first, I was thinking along the lines of my buddy. “No dog in this fight”. But who is the “no dog” candidate? I even considered not voting at all, for a second (how hypocritical would that be – me asking you to vote, and not doing it myself – I might as well be a damn lawyer).

But I had an epiphany (look it up). Right there, between the tattoo on the back of my seat (the kid will grow up to be a clogger on that Irish thing, Stomp), the guy in front leaning his seat back (I think the right knee cap is actually cracked), the stewardess (yes, I’m that old) handing me my coffee at the same time the mom asks “Sir. Would you mind holding this dirty diaper a moment?” Yes my brothers and sisters, sitting right there in coach, with a crappy coffee in one hand, and a similar diaper in the other – I had a moment of absolute and stunning clarity.

I most certainly do have a dog in this fight – and so does every one of you.

It’s YOU – our American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen.

You are THE dog in this fight.

Now, as a member of the US Military, no matter where you’re stationed, what you do, or branch of service – you know something about fighting, and you’ve heard all the old saws.
Dress appropriately. Never to take a knife to a gunfight.
Use all the resources at hand because they can’t help you from that shelf.
There are only two places in a fight, and second place is unacceptable.

Well, in this seemingly endless election fight – and you are definitely in this fight – you need to bring the right weapons, use all your resources, and you absolutely, must, definitely, WIN.

- In this fight, your vote is the right weapon.
- Your brains will find you the resources you need.
(I humbly recommend Count US In at
- And if you don’t vote, we’re gonna lose this fight.

It doesn’t matter one bit to me, who you vote for. But when you vote, and you MUST VOTE, you make a profound and serious statement. Millions of American veterans, I among them, know you better than we know our own families, and because we know you so well, we trust your judgment above all others. We’ve got our money on you, and we know you won’t let us down.

Ruck the Vote!!!

Small Print
Don Johnson and Count US In want all our military personnel to exercise their right to vote, and we want our veterans to help motivate and facilitate in that regard. Your comments, suggestions, donations, and input are welcome at .

If you are unfamiliar with the term Ruck the Vote, then you are a slacker and haven’t read Don’s last rant. Feel free to take Don to task in the blog at the website if you feel motivated to do so (which is of course, the whole point, isn’t it?)

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