Friday, April 3, 2009

So Mad I Could Spit!

So mad I could spit
Don Johnson, USA (Ret)
3 Nov 2006

I’m like a lot of other American voters. Since November 2004, I have on occasion, had second thoughts about my vote for President Bush in that election. The polls clearly show I’m not alone in this, and to some extent, I think that is to be expected considering the world situation, a lame duck administration, buyer’s remorse, and lots of other issues.

But this week, I can tell you that for me, all misgivings I ever had about that vote I cast in 2004 are laid to rest. I’ll never second guess that vote of mine again.
Yes, President Bush may not be glib, but Senator Kerry is an arrogant horse’s ass.

I’m guessing I’m not alone in that assessment. At the bottom of this rant, I have included a copy of a photo that may well be the most circulated photo in the world this week. It’s funny. It’s sharp. It pops Kerry right on his pompous butt. I wasn’t the least bit surprised to have it sent to me (80 times) while the news of Kerry’s comments was still breaking. That’s because most of you in today’s armed forces are probably more up to date on current events than I am. You certainly know much more than I do about the internet and how to exploit it for information and communication. So, I doubt there is one service member out there who hasn’t heard of Kerry’s comments. I’ll bet there are a dozen video shorts spoofing Kerry on the web already.

Makes you wonder a bit doesn’t it? How could a bunch of supposed slackers and underachievers be so wired into the culture of our society while they are slogging through every sandbox and mud puddle across the world? Well, I know the answer. We’ve never seen anything like you before. Your generation of service members amazes me. Joe Sixpack is literally in awe of you.

That leads me to the crux of my rant. You know what’s going on in the world and in our country. You know how to use the internet for information and communication. You are the best informed armed forces in our history. I implore you to stay abreast of the issues that make a difference to you during the upcoming election campaign. Make sure you’re registered to vote before any deployment. We here at Count US In will work tirelessly to make the entire voting process as smooth as possible. Ask us for help if you need it.

Then, on November 5, 2008, I ask you to cast your vote for your next Commander In Chief as well as your senator and congressmen, State and local officials, and even school board members. Yes, even local officials. After all, they affect the lives of your families every day. I urge you to make sure they know where you stand, and make sure they hear you.

You are our best and our brightest.
Where you stand matters to all of us.
Lead the way.

ps I’d really like to give this unit and the composer of this photo credit.
Please email me if you know who put it together.

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